ERP for eCommerce

Designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.


In 2016 and 2017 I was very lucky to be able to work for a great company in the Netherlands, Madia, and together with extremely talented developers I’ve known, we worked on building an open source ERP for ecommerce, Marello.

The time I spent in Eindhoven not only made me improve as a developer, it also made me grow as a person and an all round individual, with many better resources. I also met one of my mentors, Falco, the CEO of the company, who not only showed my how a great company culture is built, he also gave me the courage to start my own start up. I’ve definitely applied everything I learned into SlowCode.


Marello is built on top of the Oro Platform, which in turn is built on top of Symfony.

I worked on building many of the features; Orders, Refunds, Returns and Inventory management, Warehouse management, Supplier management, Product management, automation email and email template rendering for omni channel stores, shipment APIs…

I learned so much on how to design big and scalable architectures. Since it was a generic product, we had to build everything as so it was able to be extensible and customizable for every case.

A special thanks to Jaimy Casteleijn, @Hotlander, who is the main architect at Marello, a truly awesome dude, who taught me so much of what I am today as a software developer. Thank you buddy 🙂

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